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About Us

About Us

After visiting Kathamndu we discovered some amazing pieces of handmade jewellery and gorgeous cashemere shawls. Kathmandu impressed us with colourful palatte of their products. Each shop has some unique items, which you cannot find anywhere else in the world. On top of that their craftsmen are so talanted that the final result simply stuns you. 

Another thing about Kathandu is that you can get custom pieces made easily. From stones, to bone or metal and seeds you can essentially have your own designs made or have unique designs made for you.

Therefore we have picked for our customers beautiful handmade jewellery and soft and lightweight shawls. As Nepalese culture evolves you can see that lots of their jewellery is quite modernised and you can wear it even without any occasion. 

We will be constantly updating our stock with new pieces, so stay tuned. 


Only the Best

Gemstones & Materials

All our handcrafted peaces are very well done, as we work only with the best Nepalese artisans. Some jewelleries are made looking rustic on purpose. Each item might differ from the other one as it is a handmade job and it makes our stuff truly unique. 


We are also working with retailers who wish to buy in bulk orders.

We can offer excellent prices and fast delivery.

So if you are interested to order handmade jewellery from Nepal please give us a call on 07828880912 or email to

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